Webb Starts Fundraising for Potential Run in 2016

According to The Washington Post, former Virginia senator Jim Webb has begun his fundraising efforts after announcing an exploratory committee for a possible presidential bud in 2016.

Webb made the announcement of the exploratory committee via YouTube video. This makes him the first prominent Democrat to express intention to try to take down the supremacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton. The former senator has emphasized that he could shake up the partisan gridlock in Washington.

“Is it possible for us to return to a leadership environment where people from both political parties and from all philosophical points of view would feel compelled to work together for the common good and to sort out their disagreements in a way that moves our country forward rather than tearing the fabric of this nation apart?” he asked.

Webb, who has been spending a notable amount of time in early presidential caucus and primary states, announced in September that he was taking a “hard look” at  a run. The 14 minute video he released last week made it clear that he is taking the next step: seeking the large sums of money needed to pursue the Democratic nomination.

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