Webb Has Harsh Words for the Democratic Party

” A party of interest groups”, is how former Virginia senator and potential presidential candidate Jim Webb described the Democratic Party to an audience Tuesday in Richmond, reports The Washington Post. He attributed this to the reason the Democrats have lost the demographic of white working-class voters.

“The Democratic Party has lost the message that made it such a great party for so many years, and that message was: Take care of working people, take care of the people who have no voice in the corridors of power, no matter their race, ethnicity or any other reason,” said Webb. “The Democratic Party has basically turned into a party of interest groups.”

These comments came in Webb’s first address since announcing that he ha formed an exploratory committee and has began to raise funds for a possible presidential run in 2016. He was at the AP Day event, an annual forum sponsored by The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Webb, along with a handful of other Democrats, are challenging the notion that Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the party’c nomination in 2016. Webb has continually declined to answer questions comparing himself to Clinton, who is widely expected to dominate the Democratic field provided she decides to run.

These comments continue Webb’s goal of defining himself as alternative within the party that he feels has become too familiar with special interests and too unfocused on the disadvantaged.


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