Another Virginia Politician May Be Looking at a 2016 Bid

According to The Richmond Times-Dispatch, on Saturday former Gov. Jim Gilmore made hints at a possible presidential bid in 2016 as he laid out his national plan for job creation, tax reform and national security for Virginia Republicans at the annual Donald W. Huffman Advance.

“People are concerned with the future,” Gilmore said at the event, named after the former chairman of Virginia’s GOP.

He continued, “It is our duty as Republicans to make it clear that the free-market system is an ally of the people.” Gilmore now serves as the head of the Free Congress Foundation, a conservative policy organization and was the governor from 1998-2002.

“The growth of the United States’ economy is the only way out of the challenges we face,” proclaimed Gilmore, calling for a cut of both personal and corporate income taxes and an elimination of the estate tax.

Gilmore showed interest for the 2008 GOP nomination, but dropped out in July of 2007 after struggling to raise money. On Saturday he stated that he wouldn’t rule out another run.

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