Probation Officers Recommend 10-12 Years for McDonnell

Under federal sentencing guidelines, former governor Bob McDonnell could face a prison sentence anywhere from 10 years and a month to 12 years, according to The Richmond Times-Dispatch. 

In a report filed Dec. 2 by a source who is familiar with the guidelines confirmed these sentences toThe Washington Post.

After a six-week federal trial a jury found McDonnell guilty of 11 corruption charges and his wife guilty of 9. However, since the end of the trial in September, a judge threw out one of the former first lady’s convictions bringing her total to 8.

As of now they recommendation laid out by the guidelines is still preliminary and is expected to be argued by both sides.

“I think most people were thinking 10 to 12 years when they looked at the guidelines for public corruption,” said Andrew G. McBride, a former federal prosecutor in Virginia and current defense lawyer. “I think there’s also kind of a consensus that that’s extremely high for the conduct involved here.”

The recommendations are determined by a complicated formula that takes into consideration the nature of the crime, the defendant’s background as well as other factors.

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