GOP Shoots Down McAuliffe’s Gun Restrictions

Virginia Republicans are not on board with Governor Terry McAuliffe’s plan to limit who can buy a gun, reports The Washington Post.

His plan, which included the renewal of the state’s once-a-month limit on hand gun purchases and the requirement that buyers at gun shows undergo background checks, were met with praise from gun-control activists who celebrated his position on the polarizing issue.

Additionally, McAuliffe wanted to keep guns out of the hands of people convicted of crimes related to domestic assault and taking away permits of parents who are behind on child support payments.

The General Assembly, which is Republican controlled, has shown no tolerance for restricting gun ownership. They say that this package, like McAuliffe’s work on abortion rights and climate change, panders to the left.

“The governor is a pure political animal and always has been,” said Del. C. Todd Gilbert (R-Shenandoah). “This is purely political play on his part. I font think he has any expectation that any of this is viable or defensible. He’s playing to his base on an election year issue that he wrongly believes resonates,” added Gilbert, a criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor.

McAuliffe, who revealed his plan a day after the second anniversary of Sandy Hook, is adamant about finding a compromise on this issue.

Rachel Thomas, a spokeswoman for McAuliffe said, “Keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of criminals and others prone to violence shouldn’t be a political issue, and it won’t become one as long as Virginia leaders put the safety of their constituents ahead of extreme, special interest politics.”

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