Panel Adopts Ideas for Redistricting

On Monday the government integrity panel created by Gov. Terry McAuliffe adopted recommendations for the overhaul of Virginia’s redistricting process, reports The Washington Post.

The panel hopes to amend the Virginia Constitution to create a separate commission which would redraw districts and pass a law that prohibits that commission from using election results to consider where to set boundaries.

Both of these measures will have to be approved by the legislature, which is going to be especially unlikely in the House, where many similar bills have died in committee. One proposal would need to be approved by voters.

In response to a recent ruling that declared Virginia’s congressional map unconstitutional, the panel reccommended that McAuliffe along with the general assembly work hand in hand to redraw the congressional districts.

“For the members of the legislature, this is a question of sheer political power,” said former lieutenant governor Bill Bolling (R) who co-chairs the panel with former congressman Rick Boucher (D). “The challenge is going to be trying to get the legislators to be willing to put people’s interest ahead of political interest or their own political interest.”

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