Webb Defends PAC’s Payments to Family Members

Former U.S. senator and 2016 presidential hopefully Jim Webb is defending the payments of tens of thousands of dollars from his political action committee to family members, reports The Washington Post.

Over $90,000 has been paid to Webb’s daughter and wife by The Born Fighting PAC for their work on both the design and management of his websites according to this report published by Business Insider.

A spokesman for Webb said Tuesday that the work of his daughter and wife is “real and provable”, and did not confirm the dollar amount reported by Business Insider that were taken from filings made in compliance with campaign finance law.

“Adding up numbers across several years for a sensational headline doesn’t tell the story,” says Webb spokeswoman Ashleigh Owens. “Since its inception the Born Fighting PAC has supported Senator Webb’s vision of leadership, both with respect to issues he continues to advance and also to support candidates.”

These payments could pose difficulties for Webb, the first democrat to officially announce candidacy for the 2016 election, as he works to build a national network equipped to compete with Hillary Rodham Clinton, the current front-runner for the 2016 nomination.

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