Bills Moving Forward this Week

The General Assembly passed legislation allowing two derivatives of marijuana in the form of oils to treat epilepsy with a certification card

Virginia lawmakers pass legislation tightening ethics laws governing public officials behavior. Approval of legislation to decrease the current $250 cap on gifts to public officials to $100 was 35-1 by the State Senate and 93-6 by the House of Delegates

Bill sponsored by Sen. Tom Garrett expanding types of works that can be sold and used in Virginia passes in Virgina Senate

Virginia House unanimously passed bill stating that a mother may breast-feed in any place where the mother is lawfully present. Current law only allows breast-feeding on any property owned, leased, or controlled by the Commonwealth.

The Virginia House passed a bill on Monday requiring voters to submit a copy of their photo identification when they apply by mail to vote by absentee ballot.

Virginia House and Senate propose 1.5-3% raise for State employees

Virginia House passes bill requiring universities and state government to work together to develop a cooperative, affordable BA degree program

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