PAC to support Virgina female politicians

Women Leaders of Virginia was established in Charlottesville to support female political candidates and encouraging them to run for office.

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research currently ranks Virginia as the 43rd state to elect women to statewide office.

The new political action committee hopes to help change that. Virginia has never elected a women Governor or U.S. Senator.

Co-founder Amy Laufer was troubled by the lack of female participation in elections and as office holders. The PAC will support female candidates across the state of Virginia.

“We just have to harness that energy on a local level,” Laufer said. “We have to build the bench of women in local politics that then can rise to state officer and then to federal office, so the hope is that we can support these women in their endeavors.”

For more information about Women Leaders in Virginia, check out the official website at

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