Award for Innovation in Tech presented

Business Wire reported that Stafford Country recently received the 2015 Virginia Government Finance Officers Association Innovation Award for its “outstanding program in the area of eGovernment and Technology.”

The myStafford Citizen Portal was the Virginia government project recently recognized for its progress in improving “the world of government finance.”

“We are thrilled and extremely honored to receive recognition from the Virginia Government Finance Officers Association,” said Laura Rudy, Stafford Country Treasurer.

“With our proven model of effective collaboration, partnership and a spirit of innovation, we are focused on improving the Stafford County eGovernment experience. The myStafford Citizen Portal is empowering our citizens and bringing significant efficiencies to our country.

The Portal, which offers the convenience of viewing and paying bills online, has become a “model system for other local governments delivering citizen-centric service at its best.”

Stafford County has experienced significant cost savings and provided its citizens the convenience of paying bills electronically.

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