Virginia Republicans Utilize Voting Trend

The first caucus of the 2016 presidential election is today. This means that presidential hopefuls and their supporters are using all of the tricks up their sleeves to push their candidacy past the rest.

In Richmond, Virginia, a group of Republicans are trying to persuade their general assembly to alter their voting ballots. They believe that if several questions currently listed on the agenda to be voted on this November, are simply pushed back to next November, they will pass. The questions currently up for debate are related to unions and charter schooling.

The schooling amendment would allow charter schools to be incorporated into the public school districts. This legislation was first added to Virginia’s constitution in 1999. The amendment proposal associated with unions hopes to govern some of their power.

The incentive behind delaying the votes alludes to studies which show democrats have  lower turnout rates during years when there is not a presidential election. This would allow for Republicans next year to outweigh any other party and push through their own agendas.

Democrats are not pleased with this manifesto. Virginia Democrats view this as an attempt to dodge or manipulate the law. President Obama recently landed himself in hot water for his attempt to avoid the law by issuing an executive order surrounding the buying and selling of guns.

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