What Will Happen at the Virginia Primary?

The 2016 presidential race is heating up. This week the race endured huge shake ups, and shocking drop outs. With so many surprises, it is hard to foresee who will win come November. Several weeks ago, no one would have imagined John Kasich polling second behind Donald Trump. When Bernie Sanders broadcasted that he was throwing his hat into the presidential arena, nobody took him seriously. America assumed Hillary Rodham-Clinton would waltz her way to the white house. The Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primaries unearthed how Americans really feel. The media loves Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Hard working Americans do not feel the same way. Michael Bloomberg is contemplating running his own presidential campaign if it comes down to Trump and Clinton. Bloomberg does not feel that either of them are what America needs.

On March 1rst, Virginians from all over the state to cast their ballots for who they believe is right for America. For Republican voters their options are John Kasich, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Jeb!, and Jim Gilmore. In Iowa, former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore scored twelve votes total. In New Hampshire he secured 125 votes. Gilmore must have a lot of confidence in how he will fare in Virginia for him to remain in the race. Being a former governor of the state holding the primary will hopefully help him. Chances still look slim. For the Democratic Virginian voters, there are only two options. Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. The previous first lady or the self proclaimed progressive socialist. It is hard enough to forecast which party will come out on top in Virginia, let alone which candidate. With Virginia being a swing state, literally anything can happen there. Northern Virginia tends to be more Democratic, while southern Virginia leans commonly more towards the right.

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