Virginia & Cuba

Cuba is on the verge of a major breakthrough. After experiencing a tough break up with the U.S. in the 1960’s, the two have decided to become friendly exes. Just like any other relationship reconciliation, there is a warming up period. In 2015 President Obama eased sanctions between the two countries. Now, within the next couple months Obama will be traveling to Cuba. These progressive advancements would have never been possible 20 years ago. Obviously, these changes have not come without conflict, especially during an election year. However, there are many benefits both countries could profit from by consulting with each other once again. Cuba is virtually stuck in the 1960’s. Citizens of Cuba have no access to wireless internet, new cars, produce, or any other products from the U.S. Stepping into Cuba is like stepping into a time machine. Once they get the approval, businesses will have unimaginable possibilities to venture through in Cuba. Businesses will be eager to sell, and Cubans will be eager to purchase. One state expected to prosper seriously from a better kinship is Virginia. Virginia has been a long time advocate for opening a line of communication between the U.S. and Cuba. Governor McAuliffe has been meeting with the Cuban ambassador since 2000. McAuliffe is hoping that the the longevity of Virginia’s friendship with Cuba will work to the state’s’ advantage. Other states such as Maryland are attempting to establish relationships with Cuba. Within the year since Obama relieved some constraints, Virginia gained $42 million dollars in agricultural exports to Cuba. Within the last ten years, Virginia has received roughly $423 million in income from trade negotiations with Cuba. Sales to the South American country rose by 67%. With the current laws in place, Virginia can only trade products related to agriculture. However, once all embargoes are lifted, Virginia hopes to enter medical and other trade industries with Cuba also.

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