What are other countries saying about our presidential candidates?


Most Britons support Clinton over Trump. They feel that she is more predictable than Trump. Although Britain is distracted by its own elections and politics, many feel they are aware enough to be “frightened” by Trump or feel he is a “Court Jester.” Not all Britons agree with Clinton or like her, but overall they like her better than Trump.


In February, Canadians said they thought Trump would be bad for Canada. A poll suggested 18 percent of Canadians thought Trump would be bad for Canada while 49 percent thought he would be very bad for Canada.

According to the same polls, more Canadians reported favoring the Democratic Party. Clinton was thought to be good for Canada by 55 percent of voters. Of the conservative Canadians, about 40 percent thought Clinton would be good for Canada.


Mexicans are unhappy about Trump’s remarks that Mexicans are “rapists” and “are bringing drugs.” They also make fun on the news and in many satirical shows of Trump’s wall that would separate the countries. Mexican-Americans also report sharing the feelings of their country. Mexicans think Hillary is reasonable in comparison.

South Africa:

“Arguably the most successful internet troll in today’s political spectrum” said South Africa’s the New Age while talking about Trump. Some South Africans have made a comparison between Trump and their president, Jacob Zuma. They talk about their similarities when it comes to feelings about women.


Trump claimed he would “get along very well with Putin.” Putin responded by calling Trump “a bright and talented person without any doubt.” The media has found many ways to compare them.


China has called Trump’s comments and supporters “racist and extremist.” Chinese media has doubted the power of our democracy when referring to Trump.


A popular Iran newspaper said “the Trump storm is coming.” Political cartoons in Iran show Trump being portrayed as Lady Liberty and Hitler.

Not many countries have spoken out very much about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Very few have mentioned her and don’t feel threatened by her. Trump has underwhelming support in other countries. Will that matter in the final vote?


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