Appeals Court Divided Over Virginia Same-Sex Marriage Ban

According to The Washington Post, Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage raised a heap of controversy in a federal appeals court on Tuesday.

The 4th Circuit panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals was called to review the February ruling that bans and bars recognition of same-sex marriage and any type of legal union that resembles marriage.

Roger L. Gregory, Circuit Judge, argued that this case is similar to Loving v. Virginia, which granted interracial couples the right to be openly married in 1967. “How long do same-sex couples have to wait?” he asked.

Judge Paul V. Niemeyer disagreed with Gregory by stating that the constitution protects the fundamental right to marriage as “a union of husband and wife.”

Celebrity lawyers Theodore Olson and David Boies have joined Gregory to convince federal courts that the Virginia same-sex marriage ban is “unconstitutional.”

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