Senator Herring Urges Cuccinelli to Accept McAuliffe’s Gift Ban Proposal

Photo Credit: Kate Wellington
Photo Credit: Kate Wellington

Office of Terry McAuliffe


Senator Herring Urges Cuccinelli to Accept McAuliffe’s Gift Ban Proposal

Today, State Senator and candidate for Attorney General Mark Herring called on Ken Cuccinelli to agree to Terry McAuliffe’s gift ban proposal. McAuliffe first announced his plan back in April and said that as Governor, he would immediately apply the gift ban to himself and his family, in order to guarantee accountability of Virginia’s highest officeholder. Over two months have passed since McAuliffe first urged Cuccinelli to support a gift ban on Virginia’s elected officials, to which Cuccinelli has refused to comment. McAuliffe sent a letter to Cuccinelli last week again requesting that he support the proposal.

“Of all people, Ken Cuccinelli, who has repeatedly failed to disclose gifts from Star Scientific, a company that is currently engaged in a lawsuit with the state of Virginia, needs to be held accountable,” stated Senator Herring. “I am joining Terry McAuliffe’s pledge to apply the gift ban to myself, even if the legislature doesn’t act. That will provide guaranteed accountability. Ken Cuccinelli should be willing to hold himself to the same high standard.”

Herring added that accepting this pledge will “restore pragmatism and responsibility” to the Attorney General’s office, something which is much needed given the number of conflict of interest issues Ken Cuccinelli has found himself in over the past few months. Most recently, it was reported on Friday afternoon that Ken Cuccinelli may be subpoenaed to testify about his conflicts of interest and ties to Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams.

For more on this story please visit NBC News 29.

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