To Win the Race, Motivate the Base

According to The Washington Post, Ken Cuccinelli (R) and Terry McAuliffe (D), the Virginia gubernatorial candidates, are using a tactic employed by the Obama Campaign to get as many voters to the polls as possible; a tactic that, if works, could spell victory for the candidate who best pulls it off. 

 While the tactic did work for Obama, The Washington Post points out that with it being an off-election year the youth and minority vote is unlikely to be present at the polls, something that could hurt McAuliffe in his bid for Governor. On the other hand, the Republican party lacks the large voter databases Democrats have access to.

 Even with this strategic campaigning, both parties continue to struggle to define a clear lead in this race. We may just have to wait until November to know for sure. 

 For more, check out the full Washington Post piece here

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