Cuccinelli’s Continuous Fight Against Obamacare

It’s no surprise that Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli is 100-percent opposed to Obamacare. Before running for governor, he has been a huge advocate for shutting down the President’s healthcare plan. With Obamacare going into effect on Tuesday, Cuccinelli gave one final push against it on Friday night.

The gubernatorial race is coming to a close and Cuccinelli and McAuliffe have completely opposite views on healthcare reform. This was Cuccinelli’s chance to make another statement about it and try to regain the lead.

In an article published by The Washington Post, Cuccinelli was quoted as saying, “Just this week, they pushed back the online enrollment for small business, which was set for October 1,” he said. “They keep rolling these things back. The people who are implementing this don’t know the rules. And if they don’t know the rules, they can’t tell us what they are.”

Being anti-Obamacare has gained him more supporters from the Tea Party and also can be seen as a good tactic to reel in the swing votes because many people are also against it. Throughout this election process, Cuccinelli has mostly made his points about being totally against Medicaid, while McAuliffe has come out in support of the program. Medicaid would help over 400,000 Virginia residents and this could mean a lot of votes in his favor.

Finally, Cuccinelli made a comment about the government shutdown – he said he did not agree with it. This may come as a surprise to most. Cuccinelli’s stance disagrees with Republican Senator Ted Cruz who has been pushing for the shutdown. Cruz has been behind Cuccinelli throughout his race and is even headlining a fundraiser for him next week. This is not to say that Cuccinelli is all of a sudden in favor of the Affordable Care Act — he is still opposed — but he has admitted that it’s a little extreme to shut down the whole government.

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