Ken Cuccinelli Tallies Terry McAuliffe’s Spending To $14B

Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli has crunched the numbers and announced that in order for his opponent, Terry McAuliffe (D), to fund his campaign promises he is going to need around $14 billion in tax revenue.

In an article published by The Washington Post, in order to achieve this number, Cuccinelli and his staff have reported taxes in a typical four-person family will go up by more than $1,700. $14 billion is 60 times more money than what is available for McAuliffe to spend if elected governor.

The Republican Party has promised to cut $1.4 billion in taxes, but the Democrats have called them out for not letting the public know what exactly they would have to get rid of in order to make up for the lost money.

In that same article, McAuliffe campaign spokesman Josh Schwerin says, “It’s a shame that Ken Cuccinelli has spent more time making up numbers about Terry’s plan than he has explaining how he would pay for his own.”

In the upcoming days, Cuccinelli has promised to talk more about this.

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