Southwestern Virginia Offers New Program to Help Children of Jailed Parents


Nine-year-old Dowda Copeland is receiving much a much needed female role model thanks to a new mentoring program offered by Big Brothers Big Sisters, reports The Richmond Times-Dispatch .


This new program focuses on providing mentors to children with one or more parents serving time in jail. Many experts report that children with parents in jail face multiple struggles ranging from mental and physical health problems to education struggles and participation in delinquent behavior.


“When you’re a child, carrying burdens on your shoulders and a fear that is very real can be hard. Throwing a Frisbee or baking cookies with a mentor can sometimes be just enough for them to think that life’s not so bad or there is hope for the future” says June House, president and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Virginia.


With a focus on providing support to these children this new program provides role models who make a positive difference and work to prevent some of the common issues they face from manifesting. The added support of the mentors helps the children stay on track and focused.

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