McDonnells’ Marriage Crumbled as Former Governor’s Power Rose

In the third week of Former Governor Bob McDonnell’s corruption case, it was time for him to take the stand. McDonnell’s testimony revealed that he and wife Maureen’s marriage faced many problems as the former governor rose to power, reports The Washington Post.

In his second day of testimony McDonnell chronicled the change in their marriage as they began as a happy couple in Germany, to it’s eventual breakdown.  McDonnell pulled emails he sent to his wife begging to save their marriage, which he claims went unanswered by the former First Lady.

This information presented by McDonnell helps to prove his claim that the dealing with StarScientific CEO Johnnie R. Williams Sr. were conducted by his wife Maureen. He contributes the lack of communication and rocky marriage to the reason he was left in the dark about the dealings.

McDonnell attributes the stress of public life and spotlight contributed to the disintegration of his marriage. The former governor also alluded to his wife leaning on Williams for emotional support, that he himself was not able to provide.

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