Jury in McDonnell Case Will Begin Deliberations on Tuesday

The Richmond Times-Dispatch is reporting that after the long Labor Day weekend, the jury in the corruption trial of former governor Bob McDonnell will begin their deliberations on Tuesday.

The jury is made up of seven men and five women with one alternate. They listened to the closing arguments from both the defense and prosecution for seven hours on Friday as the 25th day of the trial came to a close.

Final days of the trial were focused on the McDonnell’s defense working tirelessly to convince jurors that the former governor gave nothing to StarScientific CEO Jonnie Williams Sr. in exchange for the $170,000 in loans and gifts. The defense focused on painting a picture the McDonnell’s strained and failing marriage, where the extreme lack of communication would have made it impossible for McDonnell and his wife Maureen to co-conspire, as the prosecution is alleging.

After almost 70 witness testimonies this historic trial is almost coming to an end. The decision of the jury will weigh heavily on the nature of politics in Virginia as the rest of the country eagerly awaits for the decision to be handed down.

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