Comstock Fails to Report $85,000

The Washington Post  is reporting that congressional candidate Barbara Comstock failed to report $85,000 that her PR firm took in in 2012 while helping the Romney campaign. This is a glaring breach of congressional ethics rules.

An aide for Comstock, the Republican nominee in the race to replace the retiring Frank Wolf, said that the failure to report the earnings was an oversight that they were working hard to correct.

In January Comstock, while serving in the House of Delegates,  acknowledged herself as the owner and a partner of Comstock Strategies in her statement of economic interest that is required by the Virginia General Assembly. She said that the company took in less than $50,000

In the Comstock Campaign’s federal financial disclosure report it was noted that the candidate took in $27,000 from the PR firm but it failed to mention how she got the money or what her role was with Comstock Strategies. The House Committee on Ethics makes all congressional candidates declare their assets, which includes “ownership in privately held companies”.

The report did not include the $65,000 Comstock Strategies the Romney campaign gave them in 2012 or the $20,000 paid by the Republican National Committee.


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