McAuliffe Expected to Present Package of Gun Restrictions.

According to The Washington Post, Governor Terry McAuliffe is expected to release a package of gun restrictions, which is to include a renewal of the one-a-month limit on hand gun purchases, as well as the rule that background checks must be performed on buyers at gun  shows.

In addition to these already existing restrictions, McAuliffe is expected to propose that Virginia should keep people convicted of crimes related to domestic abuse away from guns, and that take back permits of people who are late on child-support payments.

The unveiling will come at a speech in Arlington County, just one day after the two-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

During his campaign last year McAuliffe openly fought for tighter gun control, veering from the message of other Democrats in Virginia. McAuliffe was able to take advantage of the state’s changing demographics and directed his messages of stricter gun control, as well as abortion rights and actions to stop climate change, to liberal and moderate voters.

McAuliffe will undoubtedly run into issue when it comes to convincing the Republican controlled General Assembly to give up any ground on issues pertaining to the Second Amendment. He is hoping that with the recent tragedies of Sandy Hook in 2012 and Virginia Tech in 2007, it would be hard to oppose the measures.


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